SuperSprings Suspension Stabilizers

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  • Makes towing or hauling cargo safer
  • Reduces wheel hop & fish-tailing
  • Increases driver control
  • Never needs to be adjusted
  • Simple installation takes less than an hour for most vehicles
  • Sold in pairs
  • Made in the USA – Carpenteria, CA

When you use your vehicle to haul heavy cargo or tow your camper, boat, or work trailer, your factory leaf springs come under load and flatten out. Driving with your suspension in this position causes your truck to easily sway or wobble, making control difficult. Adding SuperSprings suspension stabilizers will eliminate this condition and put you back in control!

As you add load to your rear suspension, these helper springs will be activated through the rollers on each end. This keeps your leaves from flexing as much and prevents excess sway, giving you better control when towing or hauling big loads. SuperSprings simple design “deactivates” automatically when your not hauling or towing since they only come into play as you add tension to your rear suspension.

SuperSprings come in several different lengths to fit a variety of different sized leaf springs. They are also made in light, medium, and heavy duty strengths to fit your specific needs. All components are powder coated to protect against corrosion and extend their lifespan.

Installation is super simple since there are only a few bolts to tighten on most vehicles and no special tools required. Detailed instructions are included specific to your particular vehicle. You should have no problem getting your new helper springs added in about an hour.

Get your self better control and enhance the load carrying capacity, handling and towing of your truck with SuperSprings suspension stabilizers. You can be proud to know they are made in America and come backed by a five year warranty. Go ahead and get yours today!


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