Trailer Hitches

Discover the Ideal Trailer Hitch at Hitch Shop Cochrane

The Hitch Shop in Cochrane stands as a premier destination for all your hitch needs, boasting the largest inventory of hitches among all installers in Canada. We pride ourselves on having a hitch for every vehicle – and if necessary, we’re equipped to fabricate custom solutions. Whether it’s a compact car or a heavy-duty truck, we have your hitch in stock and can perform immediate installations.

Each trailer demands a specific hitch tailored to its load size and the towing vehicle’s weight. Ensuring you have the right hitch is crucial for safe and effective towing. In general, trailer hitches fall into two main categories: fixed tongue hitches and receiver-style hitches.

Considerations When Seeking a Trailer Hitch in Cochrane

When searching for a new trailer hitch in Cochrane, the primary factors to assess are the maximum torque weight and the maximum trailer weight. Both of these weights should be evaluated while factoring in the weight of the trailer hitch itself. Specifically, the vehicle’s maximum capacity and the structural strength of the hitch are vital considerations when determining the most suitable hitch for your towing needs.

For instance, a smaller vehicle might be equipped with a hitch having a 100-pound tongue weight and a 1000-pound gross trailer weight, while a larger vehicle could utilize the same hitch but with a rating of 200-pound tongue weight and 2000-pound gross trailer weight. The torque weight limit will also be adjusted based on the weight distribution of the tow load.

Cochrane Fixed Tongue Trailer Hitches

Fixed tongue trailer hitches are permanently installed on a vehicle, remaining in place whether the vehicle is in use for towing or not. These hitches are a practical choice for regular towers who value the convenience of having a hitch constantly available. However, their popularity is waning due to their protrusion, which can pose risks to pedestrians and other vehicles when not in use. These hitches are commonly referred to as “weight carrying” hitches.

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